Tennis Courts Fence Installation Brooklyn

For tennis courts near residential areas, tennis balls can be bothersome for the households. And without fences, it is inevitable for tennis balls to be flying everywhere. Tennis courts need fences to ensure that balls stay within the court. This is the perfect solution to keep homeowners from complaining about tennis balls in their yards.

Tennis court fences need to be durable. It must be able to sustain the impact of the tennis ball without breaking. Since tennis courts are often outdoors, it is also very important to be weather resistant. Aside from the aforementioned, it is also essential for tennis court fences to be high since tennis balls are bouncy. Here at the Brooklyn Fence Company, we can guarantee that our tennis court fences are both weather-proof and impact-proof. Apart from that, we can assure that it is long wearing which you should enjoy for years.

While it is important to not bother the surrounding households, tennis court fences are also necessary in protecting the audience and spectators. Tennis balls are likely to move at high speed and the impact of which can be unbearable. So tennis court fences, must be able to restrain it during unfortunate circumstances wherein a ball might move to the direction of the crowd.

Our tennis court fences are available in different materials such as wood, vinyl, chain link, and simtek. To know which of these materials will suit you best, we have to know your requirements in terms of privacy and security. In case you go for metal materials, you are assured that these are all rust resistant. For these tennis court fences, we also offer customization services. Typically, our clients prefer black tennis fences because of its classic look. However, if you prefer another color, we will personalize it according to your preference.