Cedar Wood Fence Installation Brooklyn

Are you among those property owners whose primary concern is their privacy? If yes, then the Cedar wood fence is the ultimate fence for your property. This specific fence is designed to keep you hidden from your neighbors and passersby. Surely no forced conversations with those living next door nor awkward accident eye contacts. We can ensure that, with this type of fence, all the planks are perfectly fixed together, with no gaps to peep through. Apart from that, it is also very tall to keep anyone from looking over.

There are two types to this fence, namely the Standard Privacy Type and the Shadowboxing. The main difference between the two fences is how the planks are placed together. Read on for the description of the two types.

The Standard Privacy Type

Basically, for this type, the Cedar wood planks are joined together side by side while facing the same direction. This one ensures the best kind of privacy because it guarantees that there are no spaces in between each plank.

The Shadowboxing Type

Meanwhile, in this type of Cedar wood fence, although the planks are also fixed on the sides, there is quite a difference. What contrasts is that, instead of the planks facing the same direction, like the former. With this one, the planks face alternating directions showing both the front and the back sides of the planks. Unlike the Standard Privacy Type, this has gaps and so it does not give the same kind of privacy. But then, it is important to note that this type gives better visuals among the two types.

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