Guard rails Installation Brooklyn

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For those who live by major highways, do you live in a constant fear that a speeding vehicle might come crashing into your home? If you do, we have the guard rails as the perfect solution for you. These guard rails do a fine job in safeguarding your properties, especially because our products are sturdy enough to withstand massive impact.

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These guard rails come in three different types. Something from our array of choices will definitely suit your need.

Wood Guard Rails

This type of guard rail has a decent car stopping capacity. It can withstand impact to prevent further damages into your property. With this material, it is possible that it become irreparable after an accident and you might need to replace it.

Steel Guard Rails

If you are seeking for the best protection for your property, then this material will surely not disappoint. Of all the types, the steel can give the all-out protection for your property. It is guaranteed that it can stop a speeding car from crashing into your space. And since it is very ideal, it also comes at a high cost.

Three-strand Guard Rails

However, if you are looking for just minimal protection, this will do the job for you. Although it cannot stop a moving car, this fence can slow it down and can consequently minimize the damage. But the good news is because of its basic features, it also comes at a low cost and won’t surely break the bank. We recommend this for properties located at areas with low vehicle density.

We, the Brooklyn Fence Company can guarantee you of our products and services. We have been building fences for 20 years now and without our satisfied clients we will not last this long as a fencing company in Brooklyn. If you are interested, call us at 917-920-6604.