Ornamental Aluminum & Steel Fence Installation Brooklyn

Are you apprehensive of getting a fence because it will block the façade of your house? Well, we at The Brooklyn Fence Company, are happy to let you know that you can actually install a fence without obstructing the look of your homes. The ornamental fences are, in fact, a perfect addition to your beautiful houses. This type of fence is commonly seen at top-notch neighborhoods such as here at Brooklyn.

Property owners put an immense value on good quality products and that’s why our ornamental fences are very dependable. We make sure that we produce nothing short of the best products because we want to give our clients the guarantee. We also give the property owners the chance to choose the type of material to use on their fences. You can either choose between steel or aluminum. Below we will discuss the characteristics of each one.

Steel is uncontested when it comes to strength. If you want a fence that can last long with your property, we highly suggest this material. Since we experience all four seasons here in Brooklyn, steel can surely endure each one without falter. The only disadvantage to this is that it can rust. Since we cannot keep steel fences from getting wet, we highly suggest that you opt for a galvanized steel.

Aluminum, on the other hand, can also endure impact and weather, just like steel. But unlike steel, aluminum is rust resistant, and so you won’t need as much maintenance. It also comes in this natural glossy texture that can surely complement the vibe of your property.

When it comes to price, steel is more expensive than aluminum. But since they are on the same level in terms of quality, you can choose your material based on your budget. Call us at 917-920-6604.