Simtek Fence Installation Brooklyn

It is not advisable to compromise style with functionality if you are living in a chic neighborhood, such as Brooklyn. Everything about the property should remain stylish as much it should be functional. This is exactly what we had in mind when we decided to offer Simtek fences in our incredible line up of products. We wanted to give our clients the option of getting fences without leaving style behind.

Many of you must be unfamiliar with Simtek. To give an overview, it is a material made of polyethylene plastic. Yes plastic, but don’t worry because it has steel reinforcement within to keep it sturdy and stable. This material is designed to perfectly serve as fences. Simtek is primarily intended to be robust, weather-resistant, and impact proof. Although mainly made up of plastic, the overall look is far from looking artificial. It flawlessly resembles the look of stone walls, so it is perfect for the sophisticated look of Brooklyn.

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We highly encourage our clients to come visit our showroom to personally see this material since it is new in the market. It comes in three different types including Simtek Ecostone Style, Bufftech Sherwood privacy fence, and Simtek Ecostone Privacy Fence. We can explain further the unique characteristics of each type during our personal meeting.

Here comes the best part about the Simtek fences. Despite the capable features, durability and look, this fence is very affordable. It will surely fit every budget. To give you an idea, Simtek fences are about $2500 on average. The price range starts at $1800 to $4500. This price already includes all costs including materials and labor. Installation costs are prices at $15 to $25 while materials are about $5 to $25 per square foot.

As a reliable fence company in Brooklyn, we can guarantee you the best prices and the best quality for your fences.

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