Temporary Fence Installation Brooklyn

Temporary fences are utilized in a lot of ways. Depending on the need, there is a matching fence that can do the job. Here in Brooklyn where numerous events take place, such as festivals, concerts, parades, and sports events, we cater to a lot of different clients. Throughout the years, we have been working as partner suppliers to several event organizers. Therefore, you can count on our kind of product and service.

Temporary fences come in four different types. They are as follows:

Water Barricades

This type of temporary fence is often used in parking spaces and construction sites. It is called such because these barricades are filled with water inside for stabilization. At the same time, to easily move it from point to point, you can just drain the water to lighten the weight.


This one is often used in creating sections for fields and other areas where there is a large space. It can use different materials such as wood, chain link, and gates. At the same time, if you need additional security, you can put barb wires on it.

Fencing Brooklyn

Pedestrian Barricades

This type of temporary fence is useful in guiding the foot traffic in places where there often large crowds. This is especially useful during events where both cars and people flock the streets.

Anti-scale Fences

These are usually high and can provide you with privacy. Because of its height, it is also usually difficult for intruders to climb over.

For these temporary fences, we allow our clients to either rent or buy. For our clients who have limited storage space, we encourage them to rent instead. With rent, they only have to pay a fee for the duration that they will use it. On the other hand, for our clients who will be using it frequently, it is advisable to purchase.