Back Stops Installation Brooklyn

Accidents can happen anywhere, and it is especially likely to happen in places where there are lots of action. Softball and football are both jam-packed sports in terms of movements. Apart from that, it is often flocked by fans since it is a highly anticipated sport. Knowing so, there are a lot of chances where accidents may take place. Without safety measures in place, everyone, including players, coaches, and spectators, are at a risk of getting hurt. So, if you are having second thoughts about installing back stop fences, we highly recommend that you get one instead of taking the risk.

Back stops need to be durable to be able to sustain the impact of the ball. Otherwise, the ball might just pierce through it, defeating the purpose of the fence. Back stops are also curve at the top and must also be tall enough, since baseballs and softballs tend to fly high. Here at the Brooklyn Fence Company, we can assure you that our back stops are both high and robust.

Back stop fences are often made of chain link fences to give the audience an unobstructed view of the game. However, if you are looking into using other types of materials, we also offer vinyl coated fabric. You can also customize the color of the back stop, which we usually offer in silver metal.

There are four different types of back stop fences.

Protective Fencing for the Player Bench

It is 2.84 m high and 50 mm wide, designed to protect the player bench and the dugout.

Protective Fence for the Audience

Same dimensions as the former but placed in front of the audience.

Outfield fence

Also has the same dimensions with the first two, but it is placed at 25.4mm above the ground.

Backstop Fencing

It is the tallest of the four types at 4.88 m high.